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QW type submersible sewage pump


QW type submersible sewage pump

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Product use:

This product is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, cement, steel, power generation, coal processing industry and urban sewage treatment plant water supply and drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction and other industries containing particles and fibers of the sewage, wastes and can also be used for pumping clean water and corrosive medium.


Product conditions:

1. The rated voltage of the motor is 380V, and it can also be used in 200 ~ 60V, 3KV, 6KV, 10KV, etc., the frequency 50Hz or 60Hz three-phase alternating current power supply;
2, medium temperature is not more than 40 ℃, the deepest 20 m, PH value of 4 ~ 10, the density of less than 1150 kg/m3, solid phase volume ratio at 5%.


Product model specification:


Product structure features:

1. Adopt the internationally advanced Ansys-CFX software to optimize the design of the hydraulic division year, greatly improve the hydraulic performance of the pump, and the pump efficiency reaches the international advanced level.

2. Using the internationally advanced Ansys software, the pump structure is analyzed scientifically, which improves the life of the bearing and mechanical seal, and reduces the vibration and noise of the pump.

3, pump for pumping medium contains more fiber, in place of cutting apart unit, ensure the pump in some containing fibers, solid particles in the medium of runtime not be blocked, jam caused by a sharp vibration.

Four, cable line adopts a special structure, ruled out by human pulling, cable jacket crushing caused by accidental factors such as aging, cable leakage, leakage, short circuit, stator coil burned, effective in lowering the upper water machine in the probability of failure.

5, considering that can happen when the pump up and running, built-in multiple warning sensor, including wiring ventricular cavity, motor and oil cavity leakage, bearing and motor coil temperature rise up and down. The external control cabinet has the protection of phase, short circuit, overflow and water level control.

6. The patent structure of the product is applied, and three sets of mechanical seals are used in the pump, which increases the moisture content of the buffer room and the normal leakage of the lower end shaft in the buffer seal chamber. Under the multi-protection of three sets of high quality mechanical seals, the reliability of the sealing is greatly increased under the large capacity of the buffer room, which guarantees the reliable operation of the product.

The submersible pump of 7, 22kW and above applies the self-circulation cooling system to ensure that the motor can continue to operate continuously.

8. The secondary impeller structure is used to balance the external pressure of mechanical seal and prevent water from entering the oil chamber, thus extending the service life of the electric pump.

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