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Company Profile

Company Profile

Jiangsu Guoquan Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is set up by the cooperation of several experts at the Jiangsu University professor of Jiangsu.


Province high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in water supply and drainage pump, aeration machine, mixer, submersible motor and other products R & D and production.


It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province. The company takes the fluid engineering technology research center of Jiangsu University as the technical support, and provides technical advice and product design for the national key project. Provide technical service for domestic pump industry.


There are 40 employees, of whom 4 are professors / doctors, 4 are masters, and 5 are engineers.


Company covers an area of 260000m2, the existing R & D, production, construction, 10000m2, 8000m2 is pending development.


Water pumps have 2 grade precision test stations, water volume is 3200m3, the test power is less than 315kW, voltage range: 100 ~ 660V, frequency range: 20 ~ 60Hz(stepless), all data acquisition and processing by computer automatically.