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VTP vertical long axis fire pump


VTP vertical long axis fire pump

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Product use:

This product is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, paper making, power generation and farmland irrigation and other industrial and agricultural places.

Conditions of use:

Applicable conveyor under 55 ℃ water, water and other liquids, the special design of the pump can also handle liquid sewage and under 85 ℃.                                       

Model description:


1-- pump out diameter (100-1400). In mm.

2- vertical long-axis fire pump series code name VTP.

3-- pump design flow. Unit m ^ 3 / h.

4-- pump nominal single-stage design lift. The unit is m.

5- cutting impeller code. A and B are shown.

6- pump impeller series. The impeller is omitted at the single stage.

Traffic: 2000 m3 / h or less
Outlet pressure: no more than 3.5Mpa
Motor power: 5.5 Kw - 650Kw
Rated voltage: 380V, 6kV, 10kV
Well diameter: 100 mm - 750mm
Maximum output diameter: 450mm
Description: Q0 rated flow, H0 rated outlet pressure, when Q= 0, H is less than or equal to 1.4 H0; When Q is equal to Q0, H is greater than or equal to 1.0 H0; When Q= 1.5, Q0, H is greater than 0.65 H0;
Product features:
This series pump is vertical structure, reasonable design, compact structure, easy to open, easy to repair, small in the ground, high standard of generalization. The impeller immersed in the medium, the flow of the guide collector. The pump shaft and inner and outer tube are divided into many sections, which are connected by coupling nut or coupling. The extension length can be selected according to the user's request. The guide bearing adopts the structure of retaining pipe and water lubrication.
The pump is composed of the center rotating body part and the pump body part. The rotary body part is composed of impeller, shaft, coupling nut (or coupling, coupling), bearing, coupling, etc. The pump body is composed of strainer, guide, outer tube, inner tube, bearing bracket (including rubber bearing), base, outlet bend pipe, bearing box and motor seat.
The pump is connected with the outlet piping system through the outlet pipe, which is fixed by base and foundation. All rubber sliding bearings in the rotating part of the body are lubricated by injection into the side of the filling letter, continuously flowing through the flow between the inner tube and the shaft to lubricate the cooling. This is the key to the long-term operation of the vertical long axis pump.
Pump working principle: motor through the shaft work under liquid of the impeller rotates, obtains its energy flow through the impeller, the diverter changes of direction, not between the inner tube and outer tube flow, vertical flow, through the outlet pipe bending, horizontal spit out.
When vertical pump is working, it increases the monitoring system. The system consists of two parts: unit start-up and unit monitoring. The monitoring part is mainly lubrication water monitoring, bearing temperature monitoring, pressure water monitoring, liquid level monitoring and gate valve control.
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