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Integrated pump station


Integrated pump station

Affiliate classification

Product use:

1. Villas, residential areas, urban middle areas, hilly and mountainous areas, industrial parks, new rural construction, groundwater rich areas and facilities such as stations, airports, schools and restaurants;

2. Library, sports sound and club training ground;

3. Sewage collection and transport in the green areas and wetland reserve areas;

4. Sewage collection and treatment of agriculture and forestry animal husbandry factory;

5. Riot area of chemical plant;

6. Rainwater collection;

7. Upgrade the pump station, etc.

The integrated pump station is mainly installed in the outdoor underground and can also be used in indoor situations.


Product features:

1. Strong and beautiful

Filament winding fiberglass equipment subject structure, its strength is equal to the traditional laminated glass fiber reinforced plastic double, can completely resist tearing, corrosion and other damage, reason its strong, lasting and durable. The buried structure makes it integrated with the surrounding environment, beautiful and generous.

2. Short engineering cycle

This series of products to finished product delivery, of the various components manufacturer is responsible for the installation and debugging, installation and debugging time needed for the goods to the scene than traditional pumping station greatly shorten the civil work for 1/10 of the traditional concrete pump station, greatly shorten the project cycle.

The small diameter pipeline is used to arrange the laying speed of 3~ 4km each day, and the living sewage is added to the nearest sewage pipe network or directly to the sewage treatment plant.

3. Efficient environmental protection and cost saving

The self-matching control operation system ensures that the water pump is automatically operated according to the size of the incoming water, and the internal flow state is good. The system can be cleaned and not precipitated, and it is not smelly and can meet the environmental requirements. Using this series of prefabricated pump station than traditional concrete pumping station to save the cost of 20% ~ 20%, and covers an area of small, not undermine the ground or underground building foundation, in not damage the environment, the whole installation process of the pump shall not affect the residents travel.

4. Full automatic control

The auxiliary submersible pump USES the float ball to automatically control the shutdown, so the whole pump station automatic control operation, no need to be on duty.

5. The integration level is high

As an integrated unit, its complete offer: prefabricated cylinder type, diving sewage pump, pipeline system, crushing grille, control system, lifting device, exhaust and other components, with large capacity safety of fixed protection to ensure perfect matching of various components can fully meet the user's quality requirements.

6. Interceptor

The interception device is installed between the inlet and the crushing grille, which is to intercept the floating objects in the sewage pipe to the pulverized grille knife cavity to effectively break it.

7. Installation and maintenance is convenient

No need to enter the tube, the pump and grille can be hoisted or hoisted from the top.

8. Long service life

Self-cleaning thin shell base and smooth inner wall ensure long-term use without maintenance. Pump, grille, pipeline are made of anticorrosive material, long service life.


Structure description:

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