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QJB pusher type submersible mixer


QJB pusher type submersible mixer

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Product use:


Use condition:

1. The maximum medium temperature is 40

2, pH value 5~9

3, the proportion of principle is not more than 1.1

4, the number of starts per hour is not more than 6 times, and the interval is uniform


Product model specification:


Performance characteristics:

1. The mixing structure is compact, the operation and maintenance are simple, the installation and maintenance is convenient and the service life is long;

2, the impeller used in recent years the most excellent hydraulic design structure, high efficiency, compared with domestic similar products 15 ~ 20%, no winding congestion phenomenon;

3, using a special cable outlet structure, eliminates burned due to man-made pulling, crushing, cable cable jacket aging and other accidental factors Water Leakage, leakage, short circuit and stator coil, effectively reduces the probability of failure of the upper part of the water.

4, taking into account the submersible mixer in the start-up and operation may occur, the cause of a number of early warning sensors, including wiring room, motor cavity and oil chamber leakage, the upper and lower bearings and motor coil temperature rise. In the external control cabinet, such as lack of phase, short circuit, over-current and water level control protection.

5, the use of submersible mixer three bearings, self-lubricating bearings with sealing cover with upper end, a centripetal thrust bearing with the lower end of a ball bearing structure, ensure all bearings running in effective lubrication conditions, improve the bearing and mechanical seal life, reduce the vibration and noise of the pump.

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