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QGL series flood control emergency pump


QGL series flood control emergency pump

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Product use:

The pump is designed according to the structure of sewage pump, and is suitable for transporting sewage.

Product model specification:


Main features:

1, the inlet and outlet water head loss is small, the device efficiency is high;

2. No water suction trough is required for the water pump foundation, which can be directly connected into the water;

3, the product is a new type of dry motor, before use, no water injection, oiling;

4. The product can be stored in -40 centigrade environment;

5, the pump will usually put in the warehouse, when the flood put out in dangerous places, power can be discharged, four men to lift. No need to build pumping station, flexible, very suitable for hand in flood control emergency when there is a dangerous situation.

6, the new generation of energy-saving anti sweat flood control emergency pump, compared to the traditional QSZ, QSH current dropped by about 10%, saving energy 5 ~ 10%. The pulley and slide rail can be used in order to use conveniently.

7, the performance of the pump coverage is large; pump and motor coaxial, compact structure, you can dive into the water.

Installation method


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