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Diesel fire pump group


Diesel fire pump group

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Product use:

This product is widely used in fire fighting, fire sprinkler, water supply system and so on


Conditions of use:

For conveying under 90 ℃ water or physical and chemical properties similar to water other liquid.


Application scope of pump:

Flow: 50 L/S ~ 430L/S
Lift: 50 m ~ 190m
Temperature: 90 ℃ or less
The pressure of the pump was divided into: 1.6 Mpa, 2.0Mpa and 2.5Mpa


Technical application:

1, large space applications -- in the large space fire water supply system, in order to ensure that provide the biggest water supply system in a short time, after receiving the fire signal, immediately start all diesel engine, including backup pumps;

2, application area - in a large range of fire water system will be effected according to the different height, distance and different fire extinguishing equipment to set multiple sets of water supply pressure, to meet the needs of different water parameters;

3. System safety -- constant system pressure, prevent the device system from causing a large amount of damage to the system of the system in the condition of large fluctuations in flow, and ensure the system safety;

4. Parallel application - in multiple systems, the digital constant pressure control of the whole system can be realized in the parallel system of the constant lift/check valve diesel pump;

5, saving investment, the traditional large areas in the design of fire water supply system shall be equipped with different pressure in different operational areas supply system design mode, greatly saves the investment and operation cost.

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