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HW\HWG series horizontal volute mixed flow pump


HW\HWG series horizontal volute mixed flow pump

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Product use:

Other liquids suitable for conveying clear water or physical and chemical properties similar to water. Widely used in irrigation and drainage, industrial and urban water supply and drainage and other occasions. The temperature of the liquid to be transported should not exceed 50 degrees centigrade.

Product condition:

Motor rated voltage 380V, also can use 200 ~ 660V, 3KV, 6KV, 10KV and so on, rated frequency is 50Hz, working system is SI, insulation grade is F level.

Applicable scope:

The flow rate is Q:130 ~ 1200m3/h, and the lift is H:3.5 ~ 25m

Product features:

HW and HWG mixed flow pump consists of pump cover, impeller, pump body, shaft sleeve, shaft, bearing body parts and so on.

The pump cover is the part connecting the pump body and the water inlet pipe. There is an adequate gap between the pump cover and the impeller. If the clearance is too small, there will be friction, if the gap is too much to cause a lot of liquid from the high pressure backflow to the inlet of the impeller, will reduce the efficiency of the pump. The size of the gap can be adjusted by the thickness of the paper pad, and the gap is generally between 0.3 and 0.7mm.

The shaft seal adopts the packing seal of oil impregnated graphite packing. The function is to prevent air from entering the water pump and a large amount of water flowing out along the pump shaft.

Shaft sleeve is used to prevent the friction between shaft and packing. When the axle sleeve is worn seriously, it should be replaced in time.

The bearing adopts single row ball bearing, the bearing can be lubricated by oil, the oil quantity is kept in the indicator line of the oil mark, or grease can be used for lubrication, and grease is coated on the bearing during assembly. Small pump remove front and rear cover can add grease, big pump feel added through the oil.

The thread hole at the top of the pump body is used for watering before starting or for the vacuum pump connected with the exhaust water.

Structure diagram of HWG series horizontal volute mixed flow pump

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