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Screw axial flow pump


Screw axial flow pump

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Overview of products
The large open channel of this series of unplugged pumps has the characteristics of high efficiency and no blockage, and it is easier to transport large volume solid and long fiber materials. The spiral impeller will spin itself into a soft solid so that the filling can not be blocked at the entrance.
Main uses
This product is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical industry, mining, papermaking, cement, steelmaking, power generation, coal processing industry, urban sewage treatment plants, water supply and drainage systems, municipal projects, construction sites and other industries to transport particles and fibers of sewage and sewage, It can also be used to pump clear water and corrosive media.
Conditions for use
1. Motor rated voltage 380V, frequency 50Hz three-phase AC power supply.
2. The transport medium temperature does not exceed 40
°C, the PH value is 4 to 10, the density is less than 1.1 × 103 kg/m3, and the solid phase volume can reach 20 %.

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