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QF portable pump


QF portable pump

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Product use:

It is applied to drainage, drought relief, emergency drainage, emergency water diversion from rivers and reservoirs, pre fire water intake, fire emergency drainage and so on.

Product features:

1. small size, light weight, compared with the conventional submersible pump with the same power, weight reduced by 50%~85%, power is less than 22kW, the weight of the pump is about 34kg, easy to move, a person can easily pick up.

2. efficient energy saving, advanced design and application of high performance electromagnetic materials, electric pump efficiency is significantly improved, the pump current is about 15% less than the conventional power products.

3. unique cable structure, effectively protect the cable, to avoid the cable pump rolling damage.

4. adopts a clamp type quick water connector, and foreign common fire hose connection, fast and convenient, can be directly linked to the simple floating body (such as a buoy, etc.) in pumping reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

5. the pump starts with frequency converter, and the starting current is small.

6. equipped with automatic safety control cabinet, in the full flow range to ensure that the operation of the pump is not overloaded. It can monitor the leakage, leakage, overload and over temperature of the pump according to the user's needs, so as to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the pump.

7. installation forms: vertical, horizontal, tilt and suspension installation, can also be equipped with a sled or roller installation, mobile, trailer and vehicle and other use.

8. no need to do any pump foundation, you can directly pump into the water.

9. pumps running in the water, the flow can quickly take away the heat emitted by the motor, and low noise, high reliability.

Installation mode of electric pump:


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